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The GRANCO Pump Advantage:
Universal pump joint. The key to the Granco Pump Success.The basic Design principle of the Granco pump is that of the very reliable “Cardan” type of universal joint. The angle between the shafts, when rotating, causes part of the pin structure or cross, to move closer to, and then farther from the drive shaft lug and idler lug. By using this dynamic energy transition we are able to capitalize on the principles of physics to create matter/fluid flow.

The Granco design takes the basic U-Joint and surrounds it with a spherical ball-like structure, consisting of the input shaft “lug”, the pin structure or “piston”, and the idler lug.

Main Shaft and Idler Shaft:
The idler or stub shaft is arranged at an angle to the main shaft. As the main shaft rotates, it drives the rotor parts and thus the idler shaft through the U-Joint pins.

Rotary Ball Joint - Key to Granco Pump power and reliabilityThese parts are designed to seal or block the flow from one side to the other when they are assembled together.