Our Customers

Granco Pumps Are Used By:

Adjuvant/Oil Unlimited (Tulsa, OK)

Alabama Power & Light:
DE-2 Truck mounted.

Arrow Striping:
DEIN-2 Paint pump for paint striping

Beall Trailers:
DEEM-2 Truck mounted pump

Burlington Northern:
DE-2 grease pump

California Dept Of Forestry:
DEM-2 pump fire retardant

DEM-2 oil transfer pump

Chiquita Processed Foods:
DEK-2 Bronze pump for sugar solutions

Delta Petroleum Company:
HH-3, H-3 large process oil pumps for blending.

Del Monte Foods:
DEK-2 Bronze pump for sugar solutions

Dow Chemical (Poly Carb):
DEI-2 pumps for proprietary process

Gates Rubber:
EM-2 Polymer pump in proprietary process

Gregory & Cook:
DDM-H Truck Mounted diesel fuel pumps

Karan Beef Feedlot:
HI-3 pumps for pumping molasses for animal feed.

Klean Harbors/Kleen Performance (Metairie, LA)

Mark Rite Lines:
DEIN-2 truck mounted pumps for their large highway stripers/3 per striper.

Nelson Brothers (Parrish, AL)

Ohio/Puerto Rico/Oregon National Guards:
DEK-2 Bronze water pumps

Ramos Environmental:
H-3 Waste oil truck mounted pumps

State of Alaska:
DEIN-2 Paint Striping Pumps

US Army/US Air Force:
DDM-H truck mounted fuel pumps, DEK-2 water pumps for fire fighting.

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