Wherever there’s a job to be done that demands the most versatile, dependable pumps on the planet, you’ll find a Granco.

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Granco manufactures a full line of unique rotary positive displacement ball type pumps. In fact, it is the only ball type design being manufactured today. The simple ball and shaft design promotes durability because the pumping mechanism “floats” in the housing with no metal to metal contact. This designs promotes years of durable and dependable service. The large rotating cavities provide slower speeds which maintains critical tolerances not seen in any other designs.


The Granco pump design results in a lower maintenance profile, easier installation, higher volumetric efficiencies, lower energy usage, and reversibility. It is easily adaptable to pump fluids from 32 ssu (water) to over 1,000,000 ssu (cold grease). These pumps are either truck mounted or stationary and can be driven by electric motor drives, gas engine drive, hydraulic motor drive, or belt drive. The same basic pump can easily pump thin fluids to the most viscous fluids without changing the design.


COMPETITIVE PRICING: GRANCO pumps are priced to be competitive with other general purpose positive displacement pumps. They are often less expensive than alternatives for handling specialty applications. GRANCO pumps’ quality, long lasting durability and lack of regular maintenance allows them to have an extremely low “Total Life Time” cost. You will experience fewer maintenance requirements than with less expensive pumps.