The Most Dependable, Durable & Versatile Rotary Pumps Available.

Wherever jobs demand the most, you’ll find a Granco. Made in the USA, Granco pumps are today’s choice for hardworking professionals and have been since 1938.

Let us show you why.

Granco keeps things moving.


Unmatched Durability

Granco pumps, the only ball-type pumps manufactured today, offer unmatched durability.  Constructed with quality materials, Granco pumps utilize a floating design, eliminating metal-to-metal contact.  Reducing stress and wear to the pump promotes durability for years of reliable, continued operation.


Adaptable & Versatile

A Granco can do it. Adaptable and versatile, Granco pumps can move  tremendous varieties of fluids with viscosities from 32 ssu (water) to over 1,000,000 ssu (cold grease) . From moving molasses to fighting fires, transferring petroleum products and more, Granco pumps have countless applications. 

Same-Day Shipping

Get Granco, get moving. Orders placed today for standard pumps and parts can be shipped today. Ordering directly from Granco is easy. Call for help finding the right pump and see it shipped the same day. Granco pumps are simple to install, easy to maintain, and move serious volume. New facility completed in April 2019 in Boise, ID.

Made in the USA

Granco products are made in the USA by American workers. Individually handcrafted, Granco pumps are manufactured to withstand the harshest environments. When failure is not an option, count on Granco. Superior quality, dependable service, American manufacturing. That’s Granco.

Granco Pumps Are Used By:

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we love Performing under pressure

Gallon for gallon, Granco pumps deliver more product using less horsepower than other positive displacement pumps*. Changing fluid type is easy. The same Granco pump can transfer fluids of any viscosity without altering its basic design. From oil rigs to farm fields, there’s Granco.

  • Petroleum Materials Moving thin solvents and thick crude oil.
  • Industrial Services Transferring high- and low-viscosity industrial compounds.
  • Edible Applications Pumping vegetable oils, molasses, peanut butter and much more.

*Under typical conditions


Granco pumps last longer by design. The Granco pump design incorporates a floating rotor. The rotor is pivoted and located in a spherical housing. This design allows positive fluid movement from the pump chamber directly into the line of flow. The Granco pump achieves achieves a higher volumetric efficiency due to larger chambers in the rotor without additional gears, blades, vanes, paddles, scoops, pistons, valves or stators.

Granco pumps are adaptable and versatile. Our pumps can move different fluids with only minor alterations. Spend more time operating. Fast and simple maintenance keeps pumps moving.

Proudly Made in The USA for Over 80 YEARS


Built to Work.

For quality you can depend on, choose Granco. Our pumps are designed for longer life in high duty cycle applications. The Granco design increases flow while reducing wear and damage to the pump. Granco pumps are easy to maintain with simple regular maintenance requirements. Better flow, longer life. Our products are capable of tackling serious situations in hazardous environments. Learn how to arrive at the right solution for your needs.

Same-Day Shipping

when every minute counts, count on granco to deliver.

Get things moving with same-day shipping from Granco. We maintain a large inventory of pumps and other products ready to ship. Orders placed today can ship today with same-day shipping. Orders are quickly fulfilled at our facility in California and next-day delivery is available. Ask a Granco representative about same-day shipping for your order and other options for faster delivery.


Building the World’s best pumps, For Over 80 Years… here in the USA

Join the thousands of professionals in nearly every industry who rely on a Granco to get the job done when they need the best pumps for the most demanding jobs.

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Common questions & Answers

Here are some answers to questions we hear a lot. If you don’t see your question here, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help you.

Are Granco Pumps Food Grade?
Granco pumps are used in the food industry, however, they are not food grade. They can, however, be used with food products prior to cooking.
What kind of warranty do you offer?
Granco pumps are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year after the date of shipment. Upon our written or verbal consent, any pump claimed defective may be returned to us for examination. If we determine that the pump to be defective, it will be replaced or repaired at our option, FOB plant. Under no circumstances do we accept responsibility for incidental damages, nor will we accept claims for labor, repairs, or other expenses.
How fast can you ship pumps and parts?
Most standard pumps can be shipped on the same day of order. Non-standard pumps can be shipped within 2-5 days ARO.

Parts are in stock and most can be shipped the same day. Other non- standard parts can be shipped in 2-5 days.

What are your payment terms?
Our terms are Net 30 Days. All US credit cards are accepted.
Where are your pumps made?
All Granco pumps and parts are made right here in the USA.

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